1. into-velvet:

    Lulu wasn’t thrilled about this.


  2. Chillin’ in my blanket cave.


  3. Today one of my humans squeezed me while we were playing and I farted.

    Really loud.

    I blamed it on the human.

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  4. handsomedogs:

    Lulu the chiweenie :)

    Givin’ face over at handsomedogs.  Hi guys!!!

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  5. In which I flail around like a mad beast.

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  6. Derp!  I guess I’m not always photogenic :(

  7. Forever happy when I have a warm lap to lay on.

  8. mastersara:


    Read: Found my brush. :)

    Sometimes a girl’s just gotta let loose and run around at warp speed…


  9. "

    My tummy spots are getting darker now that the weather is warmer.

    I’m heat-activated!

  10. Lazy weekend.